Lithuanian clothing brand Newmood has built its retail foundation online, selling trendy clothes for men and women from labels such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel and more. For its first brick-and-mortar shop – to be in Vilnius’ old town – Newmood considered how best to reel in the audience it had earned from its millennial-friendly e-commerce marketing.

They reckoned an Instagram-friendly boutique ‘reflecting the brightest trends of the fashion industry’ would do the trick, according to a spokesperson for Incanto Solutions. The local retail-oriented interior design studio took on the task of creating an eye-catching, distinctive space. It was important to the client that the project additionally lay the framework to encourage one-on-one interaction: ‘All of what the consumer cannot get online.’

And eye-catching it certainly is. Incanto used transparent, reflective materials and ‘chameleon-tinted surfaces’ to drive visual stimulation. Glass bricks constitute the back wall, while a luminous glass table stands as the main merchandizing display. Elsewhere, vibrantly coloured clothes hang from systems constructed from shiny chrome. Chrome tubing and brushed aluminium boards cover the shop’s perimeter.

Particularly distinctive is the abstract carpeting, which alludes to the main inspiration behind the project, an equally Instagrammable destination albeit of the outdoor variety: Iceland’s Diamond Beach.