Making a splash on the 18th floor of the South Beach Hotel, Laminam’s shimmering Oxide ceramic surfaces add an extra dimension to the stunning infinity pool by French designer Philippe Starck. The hotel owes its outstandingly good looks to two internationally acclaimed talents: Norman Foster of Foster and Partners, the architect responsible for the complex’s landmark exterior, and Starck, who designed the hotel’s interiors.

The South Beach Hotel consists of four interconnected buildings. Occupying 23 floors in the city centre, the complex forms a sustainable urban neighbourhood designed to dovetail seamlessly with the concept of Singapore as a ‘city in a garden’.

A distinctive feature of the project is the creation of numerous public areas. A total of 43 imaginative social spaces transform the hotel from just a one-off place to sleep, into a community-style experience to be savoured at leisure – complete with art installations and extensive wellness areas.

Philippe Starck’s infinity pool, located on the 18th floor of the South Tower, is at the heart of one of these social spaces. The environment is conceived as both a spa area, promoting wellness, and as an open window on the city, encouraging interaction: it is designed to be shared and enjoyed in company.

The infinity pool’s location offers an exclusive angle of the city, making it possible to enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of Singapore while taking a dip. A spectacular feature in itself, the pool is framed by 3-mm-thick Oxide ceramic panels from Laminam, which have the textured and variegated appearance of oxidized metal.

In the sophisticated and neutral grigio colourway, the panels are cut into apparently irregular geometric shapes combined in a contemporary mosaic pattern. Their oxidized finish creates beautiful optical effects that are enhanced by natural sunlight and the reflections of the water. With its chromatic depths, Oxide provides a textured, tactile backdrop that enhances the atmosphere of the pool area, helping to elevate the spa offering.

With over 130 surfaces in its catalogue, Laminam renews its collection every year to satisfy evolving market demands. Oxide responds to the need for versatile, hardwearing surfaces that are able to guarantee high levels of hygiene in applications such as pools, spas and Turkish baths, without any compromise on aesthetic quality.

Manufactured using a special layering technology and with a chic, semi-polished surface, Oxide panels can be used in both exterior and interior applications. They are available in thicknesses of 3 mm and 5 mm and in sizes up to 1 x 3 m.

Thanks to their lightness and excellent technical properties, as well as their large dimensions and exceptional thinness, Oxide surfaces are perfectly suited to demanding environments like this one. They are easy to clean and resistant to mould and mildew as well as to heat, wear and scratches. What’s more, they retain their colour and finish well over time, keeping their good looks and even improving with age thank to their unique patina.

Location 30 Beach Road, Access via Nicoll Highway, Singapore, 189763 Singapore