Taking the humdrum out of the working day, these office spaces use functional and visual elements to conjure up excitement and enthusiasm for staff and businesses alike. Sneak a peek at Frameweb's most-viewed workplaces this year.

1. Supermachine Studio – Hubba

BANGKOK – Named an 'artisan space', Hubba's office was designed by Supermachine Studio with the word playful in mind. The hybrid environment allows for a mixture of businesses and individual clients who require their workspaces to adapt to a range of needs. Turquoise-painted pipework dominates the interior and connects the open layout across two storeys.

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2. Blitz – Microsoft

SAN FRANCISCO – Located in the city's tallest skyscraper, Microsoft's workspace includes a customer-facing technology centre, a testing lab and a 'showroom for innovation and discovery'. Local firm Blitz designed the space to fulfil all the requirements of a daily working day. There are 'touchdown' hubs, as well as spaces geared towards concentration.

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3. Studiofibre – Farfetch 

LONDON – Tasked with tailoring a digital retail platform for Farfetch's first physical space in addition to designing the brand's headquarters, Studiofibre imbued the workspace with the ambience of a gallery. The entrance is lined with an audio-visual wall projecting Farfetch's fashion channel, integrating the brand's virtual dimension into the interior.

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4. Optimist Design - Red Bull Studios

BERLIN – Red Bull Studios' rhythmic copper infrastructure represents both the industrial history of the building as well as the company’s powerful energy. To provide an experience that echelons above the humdrum feeling of a home studio, the space inhabits world-class recording and mixing facilities.

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5. Saori Miwa – Vasily

TOKYO – Fusing the worlds of tech and fashion, Saori Miwa implemented a monochromatic theme for the workspace of Vasily. The designers were met with the challenge of transforming a completely online company into a physical realm.

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