The interactive exhibition Beyond Cassini commemorates the end of an important NASA program as the satellite embarks on its final mission. The Cassini satellite has gained international attention through its 20 years of extraterrestrial expeditions, and on 15 September, its life will be memorialized in art. The installation is intended not just to mark the end of its service, but to commemorate its fruitful years of space-exploration glory.

The adage that life flashes before one’s eyes when suddenly faced with death is explored in a non-traditional and personal way, personifying the massive piece of technology. The exhibition evokes an emotional connection with the Cassini satellite by taking visitors through the most intriguing snapshots of its career.

A collaborative effort between Wow Inc., artist Gabriel Pulecio, composer Jeff Dodson, executive producer Erica L. Bernhard and with additional sound by Thibault Csukonyi, the non-linear exhibition immerses viewers in Cassini’s life by combining video art with space science. LED floors and mirrored walls create a 3D environment that attempts to showcase the universe from the vantage point of the satellite.

The humanistic approach to a scientific topic is particularly unique and explores an interesting juncture between emotion and technology.

The installation opens today at the hpgrp Gallery in Tribeca, New York City, and runs until 27 September.

Wow Inc.
Gabriel Pulecio
Jeff Dodson
Erica L. Bernhard

Location 434 Greenwich Street , New York, NY 10013, USA