As pixels are the technological basis of all films, it’s fitting that a cinema in Wuhan, China, is filled with the square shape that’s at the root of its function and purpose.

The massive 8835-sq-m movie theatre is filled with square blocks - modeled after pixels - which cover walls, ceilings and even the maze-like bathroom. The concession counter is built of boxes in various heights (which serve as cashier counters), while seats and tables are also made of square blocks. Underneath tables’ glass tops are LCD screens which play the newest movie trailers.

‘The space explores the relationship of movement and pixels to become the theme of the design,’ says Virginia Lung of One Plus Partnership Limited. ‘Audiences can easily enjoy and immerse themselves into the world of movies complementing the magical elements of pixels.’

The highlight is the box office’s grand hall, which has a massive curving roof made of over 6000 stainless steel panels. Enveloping the space, the panels of various shapes and sizes create a reflective masterpiece.

Photos courtesy Ajax Law Ling Kit.