We've recently published Frame 118, in which we look at the global hospitality trend for everything local. Japanese bistro Ya Pan, however, calls upon cross-cultural influences to make an impact on Tel Aviv's hospitality scene.

Baranowitz & Goldberg and Pitsou Kedem Architects were called upon to concoct a space that reflects the unique culinary vision of Chef Yuval Ben Neriah. The new bistro concept of Ya Pan is the product of Neriah’s study of Japanese cuisine and his desire to bring these flavors to Tel Aviv. The concept for the restaurant is a fusion between a western bistro and Japanese izakaya that merges informal dining with sophisticated dishes.

Baranowitz & Goldberg Architects co-founder Sigal Baranowitz describes the dishes served there as 'beautifully composed and presented', saying that 'we wished to give them the appropriate stage'.

The large central bar dictates circulation through the space and encourages casual social interactions among the clientele. This also allows most of the indoor guests to be oriented towards the window, connecting the interior space with the exterior. Baranowitz explains, 'the street on which the Ya Pan is located is one of Tel Aviv's most lovely places. It was clear to us that we wanted to accentuate the connection between the outdoor scene and the interior.'

Making the most of the long and tall physical dimensions of the space, the large, colourful sheets of metal mesh that hang from the ceiling in Ya Pan make a visually striking statement, even through the windows. Inspired by Japanese kite festivals, the transparency of these elements combined with the strategic lighting creates a particularly ethereal effect at night, which is when bars and izakayas come alive.

Repeating circular mirrors line the bare concrete walls, a detail that references a traditional bistro. These reflective elements enhance the ambiance and create a youthful, informal space, glittering with the colours illuminated from above.

With the vivid and irregular ceiling, Pitsou Kedem and Baranowitz & Goldberg evoke a Japanese festival atmosphere in Chef Yuval Ben Neriah’s contemporary bistro. The architects’ use of colour, strategic lighting, and fluid layout enhance the dining experience and achieve an informal spatial fluidity without compromising aesthetic quality.



Location 26 Nachmani Street, Tel Aviv-Jaffa