When online store Zalando commissioned Berlin-based designer Sigurd Larsen to create a pop-up shop, it’s fitting that he looked to shipping boxes for inspiration.

‘We were interested in working with free-standing objects that later could be reinstalled somewhere else,’ says Larsen, who designed a system of large boxes that resemble giant wardrobes. ‘We wanted to create furniture that referred to shipping containers, and the idea and success behind the exhibited brand.’ 

The resulting wooden units each hold one collection of clothing. They are fully mobile and can be positioned in the centre of the space or pushed to the walls, making room for a performance stage.

‘This creates a store that you have to stroll through to discover the assorted rooms of the furniture, rather then a space that you overlook from the entrance,’ Larsen explains. 

Weeks before the shop opened on 1 March, its windows were filled with white Zalando shipping boxes so passers-by couldn’t peek inside. As the opening drew nearer, the boxes were slowly removed until 1 March, when they were completely gone and the windows opened.

Click here to see another showroom design by Larsen. 

Zalando Pop-Up
Weinmeisterstraße 2