Spanish fashion label Zara has opened its largest US store on New York’s famed Fifth Ave.

The shop is not a replica of typical Zara shops; instead, it employs the brand’s new architectural and interior design scheme. According to the company, the design is based on four principles: beauty, clarify, functionality and sustainability.

All materials inside have been carefully selected to emphasize the clothing on display. Two long corridors - called 'virtual catwalks' by architect Elsa Urquijo - lead shoppers further inside to boutique shopping spaces on either side. In an organized manner, each alcove displays a different fashion collection.

Spanning over 3000-sq-m and three floors, the shop will annually consume 30 per cent less energy than the average conventional store. All wood used inside was sustainably and responsibly harvested, while lighting will automatically dim by 80 per cent when no one is present.

Meanwhile, thermostats will automatically adjust for heating and air conditioning, while electronic air curtains at the entrances will prevent outside hot or cold air from entering.

666 Fifth Ave (at 52nd St.)
Manhattan, New York
10016 New York

*Frame's Editor-in-Chief, Robert Thiemann, was in New York last week for the official opening of the shop! Click here to see his Facebook album with snapshots from the trip.*