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In this Prague exhibition, audiovisual elements help honour the memory of a nation

Prague – Three Prague-based studios collaborated with Czech non-profit Post Bellum to design Memory of a Nation, an emotionally powerful exhibition dedicated to Czechoslovakia’s …


Discover the shape of creation through an otherworldly audiovisual VR experience

SAN FRANCISCO – In Morphogenesis, artists use patterns found in nature to create new audio and visual vocabularies for VR art.

ART+COM immersed viewers in light, sound and colour at the Sonar festival in Barcelona last month (photo: Mahala Nuuk).

Multisensory installation by ART+COM mesmerises audiences with its RGB|CMY Kinetic glow

Created by ART+COM for SonarPLANTA, the RGB|CMY Kinetic installation is a monumental statement and an audiovisual experience that immerses viewers in colour, light and sound.