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Why hospitality establishments need not forget the value of wellness spaces

Lermoos, Austria – Tyrol hotel Mohr Life Resort gives itself a new edge with a nature-lover’s dream spa and outdoor area designed by Noa.


Custom lighting, not decoration, creates the atmosphere at an Austrian burger spot

Graz, Austria – FIPE Architecture developed a lighting system based on the RGB colour model for a burger spot in Graz.


Iris van Herpen bends perceptions of femininity with installations for Swarovski

Vienna – Biomorphism, a collection of installations conceptualized by the fashion designer, expresses the surrealism of femininity and broadens Swarovski’s art-and-lifestyle reach.


Swarovski’s Snøhetta-designed factory is open – but not as open as one might hope

Wattens, Austria – Swarowski asked Snøhetta for the 'crystal atelier of the 21st century.' Is this a sign of a change of attitude in the Austrian company's inner workings?


Want to feel like a Bond villain? This Tyrolese installation could do the trick

Sölden, Austria – For fans of the 007 films, architect Johann Obermoser has created a public lair and an exhibition fit for a Bond character.


Nina Mair simulates the tranquillity of a winter cabin in an airport terminal

Innsbruck, Austria – Nina Mair studio uses locally-sourced materials and hand-woven textiles to transform the Innsbruck airport lounge from sterile waiting room to cosy Alpine cabin.


Mark A-to-Z: T is for Timber

There are ample good reasons to build in timber. As well as its aesthetic qualities, it is one of the most sustainable resources available to the industry.

Butterfly Houses by Gerner Gerner plus. Photo Matthias Raiger

An apartment complex by Gerner Gerner plus emulates butterflies in a park

VIENNA – The architects describe it as ‘brimstone butterflies in a paradise garden’ in Vienna on Hohe Warte.

Mill 24 by Caramel Architects. Photos Hertha Hurnaus

Caramel Architects squeezes a complete living experience into a roof space

VIENNA – For quite some time, residents in the Austrian capital have relied on the ability to extend their townhouses vertically, converting roof space into extra quarters for living.

Haus am Stürcherwald by Bernardo Bader. Photos Gustav Willeit

A traditional timber house by Bernardo Bader nestles in a forest landscape

LATERNS – Haus am Stürcherwald provides a view across kilometres of nothing but a green and mountainous landscape for a client in Austria’s western-most state of Vorarlberg.

Pah Cej Kah by PPAG. Photos Paul Bauer

Sprawling stairs twist around PPAG’s artificial mountain

DEUTSCH-WAGRAM – The well-known phrase ‘just because you can, doesn’t mean you should’ falls to pieces thanks to Pah Cej Kah; a multi-use project in Austria.


Designliga maps a multi-sensory experience for Audi Secret Lab from subterranean hideout

Deep down beneath the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol, Designliga unveils a product show for Audi's trade marketing employees-cum-secret agents as part of the Central Launch Training 2015.