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Best Graduates of 2012 (#26)

Convinced that design is play, Theerachai brings an object’s secondary functions to the foreground, making both designer and user forget about what the object is in order to take a more creative …


Best Graduates of 2012 (#25)

Adopting his grandmother’s dementia and Heidegger’s Dasein as themes, Tuomas Tolvanen creates a memory for his objects, partially coating them with pieces of steel pipe and burning them until …


Best Graduates of 2012 (#24)

A passion for the contemplation of nature leads Fabien Barrero-Carsenat to imbue his designs with a nostalgia-infused fascination for raw materials like rosin – and to indulge his infatuation with …


Best Graduates of 2012 (#23)

Applying artisanal skills to mass production, Eric Hullegie customizes Camper shoes, enriching them with various shape- and colour-related modifications that can be viewed as a playful intervention …


Best Graduates of 2012 (#22)

In an attempt to relinquish control of her designs, Therese Granlund chooses materials – such as polyurethane – that assume their own forms and, in the process, produce dripping shapes that give …

By exposing a print of a Pantone color chart on textile to water, Aliki van der Kruijs created a new, amorphous range of colors.

Best Graduates of 2012 (#21)

Not only did Aliki van der Kruijs invent a new method – ‘hydrography’– for making colourful, hypnotically patterned fabrics with the use of (artificial) rain; she also designed a sleek book …


Best Graduates of 2012 (#20)

Irit Gromy Cohen wants consumers to be active in the production process and the domestic environment to be more like a factory.


Best Graduates of 2012 (#19)

Luuk Wiehink’s recycling activities target packaging that becomes useless once empty, namely plastic bottles and trays, which he grinds in a kitchen blender and transforms into porous, brightly …

Before and After: The students used a broken plate to make an easily transformable plastic that resembles candyfloss.

Best Graduates of 2012 (#18)

Dissatisfied with the amount of plastic waste in the UK, Audrey Gaulard, Christophe Machet, Emile De Visscher and Nicholas Paget founded a micro-factory, called it Polyfloss and started recycling …

In addition to a headphone, an iPod and a lamp, Goldstein also fixed a broken director’s chair. You can watch speeded-up videos of the Repair Is Beautiful process on his website.

Best Graduates of 2012 (#17)

Paulo Goldstein’s designs address the frustration we feel when something – as small as a pencil or as big as a financial system – breaks.

Bars of powder-coated mild steel combined with reclaimed furniture parts are transformed into lamps and stools in the designs of Jason Lloyd Fletcher.

Best Graduates of 2012 (#16)

Reuse, an important and ever-growing practice, is given an interesting spin by Jason Lloyd Fletcher.

Graphic images on Acti-Prop objects are supposed to prompt abstract reflection, while words on other surfaces of Sarah von der Luft’s designs are meant to trigger critical thinking.

Best Graduates of 2012 (#15)

Sarah von der Luft’s Acti-Prop blocks – little cubes decorated with graphic images, words and colours: a clear invitation to play – correspond to the designer’s Acti-Prop stools; both blocks …

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