Following studio EMBT’s distinctive architectural style, the space and interior furnishings are defined by a series of custom-designed shoe silhouettes and a play on matte versus reflective surfaces. Designer Benedetta Tagliabue explains the concept behind the design, where they “imagined shoes resting on irregular surfaces, as they would when being used to walk across a country field. Camper, which is closely related to that image, has accustomed us to play, smile and see footwear through the eyes of a child.” “For that reason, we also imagined trying on their shoes in front of distorting mirrors, like the ones they used to have at the old amusement parks – here I look tall as a tree, there I look like a dwarf – and many surfaces that reflect distorted images cropped up in our project.” The final link came when they visited the visited Camper headquarters in Majorca. Tagliabue states that during this visit “we realised that we wanted to build the shop in the same way that flat leather magically becomes a three-dimensional object with the help of lasts and stitches. We cut out many different shoe shapes – heels, flats, high, low, for men, for women – and we placed their two-dimensional profiles alongside each other, and so a new three-dimensionality emerged. Their construction is unusual yet very simple: silhouettes cut out of MDF boards which, when combined, form seats, tables and supporting surfaces. The distorting mirrors flow on top of them, keeping the kids entertained while their parents practise the art of shopping”.