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Vibrant surfaces inspired by 1970s super graphics bring brutalist interiors back to life. Photo Brett Boardman

Super-duper bright and brutal graphics connect space for education

BRISBANE – M3 Architecture has employed vibrant super graphics inspired by Pancho Guedes to create an environment for chance meetings, shared ideas and joy.

The Legacy Way façade is a collaboration between the Brisbane city council, RPS Group and UAP Factory.

UAP Factory imprints tracked movements in the urban context

BRISBANE – The Legacy Way’s façade takes inspiration from the movements in a municipal context with its terrain-esque appearance.

The building’s wide range of materials and sustainable technologies are inspired by the research that takes place under its roof.

Advanced Engineering Building by Richard Kirk and HASSELL

BRISBANE – The University of Queensland’s Brisbane Campus recently opened an academic building that practises what it preaches, housing a wide variety of materials and sustainable technologies.

‘Details emerge and the rhythmic activity of life and light energises the scene and captivates the imagination,’ the designers say.

Wintergarden Facade by Studio 505

BRISBANE – Melbourne-based Studio 505 has revamped the exterior of a Brisbane shopping centre, creating a complex study of the natural world.

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