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This veterinary clinic in Canada looks like an Aesop for pets

Montreal – In Montreal, T B A designed a space that proves that the health and wellness of our furry friends is a bigger priority than ever


Shareable moments? Trust this Frame Lab speaker – they aren’t all on Instagram

Amsterdam – Sakchin Bessette, co-founder of the globally renowned entertainment studio Moment Factory, gives insight into creating shared experiences in the digital age. 


Let this Italian café show you how hospitality’s responding to blanding

Vancouver – Vancouver-based studio Ste. Marie takes cues from Italian expressiveness to create a maximal café in a changing neighbourhood.


A Canadian lighting designer returns to the (other) city of light

Eindhoven – Andlight’s first Dutch Design Week showcase has a special meaning for co-founder Lukas Peet, a Design Academy alumnus.


A new pod hotel challenges design mediocrity in a ski village

Whistler, Canada – The Pangea Pod Hotel by Bricault Design aims to provide mid-range accommodation for a mountain resort village that has lost touch with luxury.


For Vescom, teamwork is at the heart of opening up to the North American market

Deurne, Netherlands – Vescom’s entry into the American and Canadian markets capitalises its success on attentive relationships with professional clients in local markets.


Fashion retailer Ssense designs with data to go from digital to physical

Montreal – Ssense’s flagship store, designed by David Chipperfield, applies over a decade’s worth of lessons learned both online and off.


Why grey concrete is David Chipperfield’s contribution to physical retail

Montreal – In today’s fast-paced world of flexible design, David Chipperfield makes online retailer Ssense commit to concrete and stainless steel.

CHUM by Neuf Architectes and Cannon Design. Photo Adrien Williams

A new Montreal super-hospital saves the day

MONTREAL – After nearly a decade of work on the project, Montreal hosts a new super-hospital designed by Cannon Design and NEUF architectes.

Pavilion of Reflections by Tom Emerson's ETH students. Photo Studio Tom Emerson

Mark A-to-Z: P is for Pavilion

Intricate temporary structures designed by students to practical extensions produced by starchitects, pavilions never cease to impress us with the broad spectrum of what makes architecture.

Impostor by les malcommodes. Photos Simon Parent

Impostor by Les Malcommodes catches the tourist gaze

QUEBEC CITY – The picturesque Quebec City welcomes a splash of colour on its waterfront with the new installation by Les Malcommodes.

IN 3 by Jean Verville. Photos Maxime Brouillet

Jean Verville orchestrates three minimalist installations

MONTREAL – Jean Verville composes a three piece architectural symphony, where each domestic installation displays the artistic experience housing can offer.