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Why Maurice Mbikayi believes art can help ‘parties understand the need for changes’ in our environments

In our publication Can Art Aid in Resolving Conflicts?: 100 Perspectives, Mbikayi explains how art can serve as an interstice in conflict areas.


What did it take to build Africa's first museum of contemporary art?

Cape Town – While transforming 42 concrete silos into Africa’s first museum of contemporary art, Heatherwick Studio added convex glazing to the original structure. 


From Design Indaba, four projects that use spatial design to empower communities

Cape Town – From schools that double as community centres to drone-based systems that help doctors better use hospital space, these projects rethink rural buildings.


‘Architecture is one of the most powerful conduits of culture and self-representation'

Cape Town – Mariam Kamara’s journey and her firm’s architecture and research approach will be the topic of her talk during this year’s Design Indaba Conference.


Missing something from European design? Look to Africa, says Ravi Naidoo

Eindhoven – With social consciousness close to heart, the Design Indaba and Interactive Africa founder wants to show that there is a world of innovation to be shared from Africa.

Bifröst 2, colour photograph, 50 x 50 cm, edition of 10, 2011, courtesy of the gallery

Bifröst by Espen Krukhaug

Norwegian artist Espen Ramberg Krukhaug has recently released a new series of photographs entitled “Bifröst”, which captures the depression, solitude and silence experienced by insomnia …

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