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Why does this apartment building have such a detailed underground parking space?

Málaga – Designed by Muñoz Miranda Architects, this residential apartment building in Málaga pays special attention to the car park, a space often overlooked by developers.

Parking Garage by dJGA and Modulo Architects. Photos Lievan van Landschoot

Modulo and dJGA carve a canyon for a meandering parking garage

Brussels – Generally damp, unattractive and cast in concrete, the typology of the car park usually conjures up images of 1950s brutalist volumes of necessity that obscure the skyline.

Sportpark Willem-Alexander by MoederscheimMoonen Architects. Photos Ronald Tilleman/Dedots

MoederscheimMoonen Architects builds a sports park that literally connects separated neighbours

SCHIEDAM – A complex of football pitches, handball courts and indoor sports accommodation straddles the A4 motorway between Delft and Schiedam in the west of the Netherlands.

Faena Forum, Faena Bazaar and Faena Park by OMA. Photos Iwan Baan

A trio of concrete structures by OMA completes Faena’s Miami dream

MIAMI – The story of the mid-beach Faena District began with one man’s dream of transformation. Now, the final stage of the USD 1 billion (EUR 928 million) investment has been completed.

Platform-L by Joho Architecture. Photos Namgoong Sun

Joho Architecture on what to do with space you're not allowed to use

SEOUL – It’s what’s on the outside that counts. At least, that’s what the building regulations in the Korean district of Gangnam would have you believe.

The car park entrance tunnels through a narrow building in Fleurus, Belgium.

Car Park Entrance by Olivier Vitry

FLEURUS – Belgian architect Olivier Vitry has completed renovations to a peculiar, three-storey building in Fleurus that acts solely as the entrance to the car park that sits behind it.

A protected monument from the 1950s, Bikini Berlin reopens as a retail/leisure/office hub.

Bikini Berlin by SAQ

BERLIN – A unique, mixed-use complex in the German capital was stripped down to attract up-and-coming retail outlets and offices.