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A formerly derelict chapel is now a guesthouse for a London family

London – With the help of some rather light materials, Craftworks turned the heavy ruins of a forsaken chapel into a bright four-bedroom home.


Looking for a fine drink in Antwerp? Try the church

Antwerp – In a city that prides itself on being atypical, one could expect to see things like a beer bar inside a cathedral. That's where De Plek comes in.

Parish Church by Moneo Brock. Photos Jorge Taboada / Moneo Brock

Moneo Brock's church is a modern interpretation of a recognizable typology

MONTERREY – The southern district of the third largest city in Mexico is expanding. In a development 15 km south of the city’s main plaza, the newest parish church can be found.


Liz West paves a church nave with a pool of rainbow reflections

SCUNTHORPE – Artist Liz West strikes gold yet again with Our Colour Reflection, a field of mirrors which emanates rainbow colours within the confines of St John's Church.

Local architect Jarrik Ouburg gives us an exclusive insight into the temporary premise for Restaurant Vermeer.

Architects Freyke Hartemink and Jarrik Ouburg insert a restaurant in Amsterdam's oldest chapel

AMSTERDAM – In reference to Restaurant Vermeer's temporary premise, local architect Jarrik Ouburg explains: 'Similar to the way painter Johannes Vermeer used interior elements to define a space, we …

A temporary installation in Bristol sits within the walls of the disused church to create an artistic space.

Chicago-based artist Theaster Gates launches Sanctum installation

BRISTOL – Fourteenth century church houses temporary structure built for artistic collaboration.

Cathedral of Créteil is a symbol of faith located in the south-eastern suburbs of Paris, France (photo: Yves Mernier).

Architecture-Studio delves into a cathedral expansion

CRETEIL– A new extension to the Cathedral of Créteil marks the creation of a revitalised urban symbol of faith.

Taturo Atzu stands inside the rooftop lounge as a weather vane in the shape of an angel pierces through the coffee table in the background.

Q&A: Taturo Atzu gives Amsterdammers a new perspective

AMSTERDAM – In the ‘lounge’ of his current installation, The Garden Which is the Nearest to God at the Oude Kerk, Taturo Atzu (alias: Tatzu Nishi) explains the work.

A taxi garage became an event space with a living quarters for a fashion designer in Barcelona.

Best of Building Use Conversions

When factories are decommissioned, they may sit vacant until their inevitable meeting with a wrecking ball. Architects and designers alike have found relic buildings to be a great starting point to …

The stairs gradually climb around an 11m bookcase.

Waanders In de Broeren by BK Architecten

ZWOLLE – Waanders In de Broeren is BK Architecten's recently completed renovation of a church into a shop and café.

The church serves as a place of worship for a Catholic community.

St Joseph the Worker Church by Sparano + Mooney

WEST JORDAN – Two offset ellipses constitute the main body of a new church in West Jordan, Utah. A place of worship for a Catholic community, the 2136-sq-m church comes to substitute a modest …

Gabon’s former prime minister commissioned the architects to design a chapel to receive the

Revival Sunset Chapel by FATmaison

LIBREVILLE – A private chapel commissioned by Gabon’s former minister in honour of his deceased wife, Revival Sunset’s architecture builds on powerful symbols of the Christian afterlife.

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