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China looks to art galleries to bring some novelty into movie theatres

Shanghai – To combat the expected slump in movie-ticket sales, architect Alexander Wong looked to an unexpected category for the inspiration of Shanghai’s Maison Muse.


China has the most cinemas worldwide – but should it value venue quality over quantity?

Changsha, China – Well-designed cinemas may help offset box office ramifications of China's oversupply of venues: just look to Changsha Jinyi, a new project from One Plus Partnership.


The pioneer behind One Plus Partnership’s latest dynamic cinema design

XIANGYANG, China – The Frame Award-winning studio One Plus Partnership reinforces its mastery of the cinema genre once again with its spatial interpretation of the camera obscura.


Come for the cinema, stay for the bar and gallery and restaurant

SHANGHAI – Cinker Pictures expands from its first Beijing location, offering a vibrant boutique hospitality space for the trendy and well-heeled.


Five Days of Frame 118: One Plus Partnership puts film back in cinema

Wuhan, China – The latest in One Plus Partnership’s series of high-impact, thematic theatres, the Wushang Mall cinema is inspired by traditional film reels.

Pavilion of Reflections by Tom Emerson's ETH students. Photo Studio Tom Emerson

Mark A-to-Z: P is for Pavilion

Intricate temporary structures designed by students to practical extensions produced by starchitects, pavilions never cease to impress us with the broad spectrum of what makes architecture.


Normann Copenhagen’s designs respond to social settings – just as people do

COPENHAGEN – At CPH:DOX, Normann Copenhagen demonstrates the transformative power of its furniture to adapt to different social functions.

Alesia Cinema by Manuelle Gautrand Architecture. Photos Luc Boegly / Guillame Guerin

Manuelle Gautrand uses steps and folds to immerse the audience with film

PARIS – Wedged between a seven-storey apartment building and a low-rise retail arcade the Gaumont Alésia Cinema has been through multiple changes since its opening in 1921.


ARTTA beams colour onto the quiet streets of Fanling with its boutique cinema

FANLING – Hong Kong-based ARTTA Concept Studio designs its fourth boutique cinema commission for Golden Harvest.


Alexander Wong's cinema design has perplexing universal concepts

SHANGHAI – White Futura is a new destination to escape to at China Film Cinema City 2016. Embodying theoretical concepts, fantasy and mind-blowing innovations, the venue is the crowning jewel of …

Tantalising passers-by, digitalised installations playfully display snippets from movies on show at the cinema.

Loci Anima's radical cinema design brings people and genres together

PARIS – Les Fauvettes is a futuristic building transformation for the celebration of restored classical movies.

‘I finally just resolved to stick another piece of architecture next to the first.’

La Comédie de Béthune by Manuelle Gautrand Architecture

BÉTHUNE – Manuelle Gautrand completes drama centre over twenty years in the making with an extension housing rehearsal and administrative spaces.