Articles tagged Colour


Aberrant adds colour and flexibility to a British school

LONDON – Kit-of-parts furniture and vibrant fabrics that serve as interior architecture empower the pupils and teachers of the Rosemary Works School to shape their own environment.


The ongoing gentrification of Miami walks a runway of colour

Miami – In a study of colour and shape, the Antidote store design by Atelier de Yavorsky brings the city’s development inside.


Urban jungle office, Burle Marx style: StudioSpass takes inspiration from landscape art

Rotterdam, Netherlands – Colourful forms and furniture transform Cambridge Innovation Center’s common area into a surreal sculpture garden.


Yinka Ilori on colour, community, and cultural heritage

London – Part of an underrepresented group of designers, Londoner Yinka Ilori playfully challenges pressing social issues.


Normann Copenhagen lets you relax in the rainbow before you fly above it

COPENHAGEN – Somewhere over the rainbow you’re on a flight departing from CPH. But before you do, the new airport lounge can let you relax in it first.


Emmanuelle Moureaux presents 100 Colors to Christmas

TOKYO – With her latest 100 Colors installation, architect and designer Emmanuelle Moureaux expands the red, green and gold Christmas palette.


Chromatic infusions update creative workspace in an old factory

Hamburg, Germany – A bare industrial core is transformed into a vibrant creative workspace by Studio Besau-Marguerre for About You’s in-house photo studio.

Villa X by Barcode Architects. Photo by Christian van der Kooy

Villa X by Barcode Architects marks the spot

BRABANT – Barcode Architects brings simplicity, material quality, and a contemporary appearance to a villa in Brabant, the Netherlands.

Building M by META. Photo Filip Dujardin

Concave concrete columns characterize META’s Building M

ANTWERP – The Belgian university building houses classrooms and a research centre for the rehabilitation sciences programme.

La Licorne by Périphériques. Photo Luc Boegly

Périphériques braids metallic fins over an office building

LAVAL – In this block dubbed la Licorne – translating to the Unicorn – gold and yellow fill the interior and overflows onto its exterior cladding.

Conservatoire by Jakob+MacFarlane. Photo Judith Bormand.

Jakob+MacFarlane coordinates a love triangle between dance, music and architecture

NOISY-LE-SEC – The Conservatoire, in the vicinity of the media centre and the theatre, opens up to the city centre and starts a dialogue about the cultural future of the area.

Spackhuggaren by Bornstein Lyckefors. Photo Mikael Olsson

Bornstein Lyckefors designs a little cube on the prairie

KÄRNA – Späckhuggaren, a one-and-a-half storey residence, displays honest construction methods and Falu-red coloured cladding.