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A light installation by Maja Petrić shows AI can foster human connection

Seattle – Developed with custom detection software, Maja Petrić’s We Are All Made of Light illustrates technology’s potential to unite a space’s audience.


Five Days of Frame #115: Behind Mark Laban’s primitive approach to cutting-edge design

PROCESS – As part of the exclusive content for the release of our March/April issue, we show you the making of the Rustic Stool by Mark Laban, featured in Frame #115.

OVO by Gottesman-Szmelcman Architecture. Photos Kamil Czaja

Gottesman-Szmelcman’s OVO owes its bulging curves to 3D CAD programming

WROCLAW – The OVO is a bold, contemporary building with an amorphic form that bloats and regresses to suit the special requirements of the multi-functional accommodation schedule.

The processes that the diving bell spider uses to build its webs has inspired inspires this year’s pavilion.

ICD x ITKE pavilion innovates construction methods with biological processes

STUTTGART – The Institute for Computational Design (ICD) and the Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design (ITKE) use computational and robotic processes for temporary pavilions.

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