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With a huge park, Shanghai's glass museum gives reason to return (again and again)

Shanghai – Over a 20-year-long master plan for the building of Shanghai Museum of Glass, Coordination Asia is incorporating spatial experiences to enhance the visitor journey.


A beach-like eatery is making waves in China

Shenzhen – The latest member of the Gaga restaurant family, designed by Coordination Asia, is a tranquil spot inside a bustling Chinese metropolis.


Coordination Asia’s use of light transforms the digital landscape into reality

Beijing – Coordination Asia and Tobias Gremmler use the movement and performance of football to create a digital reality for Nike and guest of honour Cristiano Ronaldo.


Coordination Asia responds to a menu with a duality of material and mood

Shenzhen, China – Inspired by restaurant Gaga Chef’s chef-in-residence concept, the interior has been designed to highlight the beauty in difference.


Nike+ Run Club lets you run in a Tron-like space

SHANGHAI – With immersive technology, the Nike+ Run Club pop-up hub in Times Square expands the indoor-running experience. 


Neon grids for Nike Studio’s showroom in Beijing embody speed and infinity

BEIJING – Recipient of a HKDA Global Design Award this year, the Nike Studio by Coordination Asia is showcased in our retail bible Powershop 5.


Coordination Asia lets solvers take a crack at a glass maze

SHANGHAI – At this point, we can safely say the G in G+Park stands for growing, not glass. Coordination Asia's latest addition to the glass-centric campus is a strategic layering of illumination, …


Holographic hues bridge visitors into Coordination Asia's Design Wing at Shanghai Museum of Glass

SHANGHAI – Following five years of zealously conveying the possibilities of glass, the Shanghai Museum of Glass again tasks Coordination Asia with bridging the subject further with a dedicated …

The DIY Workshop and Gift Shop offers educational labs and goods.

Kids Museum of Glass by Coordination Asia

Tilman Thürmer, founder of Coordination Asia, has realized a multifaceted site where children can try their hands at every part of the artistic spectrum, including design, performance, music and …

Museum visitors can meet prominent faces in Shanghai’s film history.

Shanghai Film Museum by Coordination Asia

‘A 15,000-m2 interactive playground’ describes Shanghai Film Museum, a mammoth project conceptualized for the Chinese city by Coordination Asia.

The museum pays homage to Shanghai’s extensive glass-blowing history; it reflects the essence of Shanghai today, where glass-clad skyscrapers dominate the cityscape.

Shanghai Museum Of Glass

Shanghai’s new Museum of Glass represents the city’s historical ties with craftsmanship and style, plus a regeneration of China’s financial capital.