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Washington-based retailer Somewhere has been working with brands such as Vans and Awake NY to create capsule collections for its Window Shop campaign.

Post-pandemic urbanism: why the storefront will take precedence over the sales floor

Consumer desire for convenience means that store facades will remain central to product discovery and purchasing post-pandemic. 


COVID-19 is calling large co-working spaces into question. Here are examples of small-format urban offices

Now that many employees have more liberty than ever to decide where they want to work, neighbourhood co-working spots are coming into the spotlight.


Curious about the future of living? Look to these residential concepts, developed in response to COVID-19

Developed in response to the pandemic and the myriad ways in which it has changed our lives, four projects address our need for sociality and sustainability.


Post-pandemic urbanism: how access to open outdoor space will redefine high-density housing

The pandemic has underlined how access to personal outdoor space is central to creating truly livable urban homes.

Stefano Boeri Architetti's Tirana Riverside urban regeneration project, designed in collaboration with SON-Group.

Post-pandemic urbanism: why embracing street life is central to the future of the city

As the pandemic recasts the way many feel about their cities, we explore how urban design can bring more of our indoor life out into the open.


How will we shop in the future? A retail-experience consultant, fitout specialist and VR expert look ahead

As stores begin to reopen in some areas and remain shuttered (or have been reshuttered) in others, we hear three different perspectives on retail’s recovery.


Still trying to design your work-from-home set-up? Check out these options

Ergonomic designs from Vitra, Pedrali, Montana and more invite at-home workers to think about a more intentional office space.


Out Now: Frame 135 – The Post-Pandemic Playbook

How can spatial design help sectors survive and thrive through the pandemic? It's a question we set out to find an answer to in our July/August 2020 issue.


Revamped your living space during COVID-19? Now it’s time to upgrade the balcony or terrace

Here are twelve products that will help you freshen up the look and maximize the functionality of your personal outdoor space.


Inflatable attire by designer Fred Erik suits our society up for social distancing

Inspired by the pufferfish, Fred Erik’s Sufficient Space suits warns the wearer’s bystanders with an acoustic signal when they come too close.


How autonomy, adaptability and environmental awareness will define our future vehicles

Layer’s Benjamin Hubert and Seymourpowell’s Richard Seale discuss how COVID-19 will impact the design of private and shared mobility.


Will post-COVID education spaces look like the next neighbourhood WeWork? These experts think so

In an independent research report compiled by Pallavi Dean’s Dubai-based studio Roar, seven experts weigh in on short- and long-term design solutions for COVID-proofing schools.

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