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Civil Engineering Faculty by Dinko Peračić and Roman Šilje. Photos Damir Žižić

Five concrete screens create an open building, despite its narrow site

OSIJEK – For the first time, the University of Osijek’s Faculty of Civil Engineering has its own home, courtesy of architects Dinko Peračić and Roman Šilje.


A Croatian museum dissects the story of one work of art in nine divergent spaces

MALI LOŠINJ – As the classicists among us will be well aware, Apoxyomenos is a type of ancient Greek sculpture portraying an athlete scraping dust off his body.

Net inflates until its outer membrane solidifies and inner nets have enough tension.

Net Blow-Up by Numen/For Use

Having already blown up in Berlin, Hasselt and Moscow, Net recently travelled to Yokohama. Developed by Austro-Croatian design collective Numen/For Use, this floating landscape suspends multiple …

The project infuses a graffiti-ridden industrial scene with a green landscape.

Field by Numen/For Use

Croatian collective Numen/For Use’s latest project is a carpeted, floating field transforming a former slaughter house.

The cocoon-like installation is made fully of layered tape and carpet.

TUFT Pula Installation

Using precise dimensions and engineering, a giant installation was made of thousands of layers of adhesive tape, topped with a carpet shell.

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