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How would it feel to drive a car that expresses your state of mind?

MINI releases the Clubman series with an even longer list of aesthetic and functional options to customize how your ride looks and feels.


Will you be travelling horizontally or vertically today? IED students revisit the train

Barcelona – Working with innovation and product development experts at Spain's premiere train maker Talgo, IED Barcelona design students create rail concepts that could put mass …


These light switches by Font Barcelona can look the way you want them to look

Barcelona – The Spanish brand, known for its light mechanisms, released a collection of luxury switches that puts customisation centre stage.


You can finally create your own Freitag bag, from start to finish, directly inside a store

Zürich – With its Sweat Yourself store, Freitag joins the retail brands moving the final production stages in-store in order to form tighter bonds with its consumers.


Obviously, the soundbooths at the new Farfetch office look great

Los Angeles – As adventurous style is part of the Farfetch DNA, the designers at Studiofibre outfitted the company’s new LA headquarters with bespoke sculptural soundbooths.


This refurbished small home is now fit for a man, his best friend and his vegetable garden

Madrid – Husos Arquitectos adapted a small space to the needs of a young doctor with crazy work hours and a short-nosed dog with heat aversion. 


If we hyper-personalize furniture, does that mean we’re limiting its social use?

Eindhoven – Henri Canivez’s Data Stool raises a me-vs-we question: By hyper-customizing it to follow the contours of one person’s body, are we making the seat useless to others?


When off the shelf doesn’t cut it: the rise of project-specific furniture

New York City – As the redefinition of luxury leads to an increase in customized products, architects are collaborating with furniture brands for one-of-a-kind results.


Studiofibre creates order out of Chaos

LONDON – In Selfridges Accessories Hall, Studiofibre’s pint-sized pop-up for accessories brand Chaos makes the most of every inch.

The MJE House utilises mobile walls with built-in furniture in order to maximise space in a small apartment.

PKMN enhances domestic spaces with rotating walls

ASTURIAS – The newly renovated MJE House in Spain has been transformed to maximise domestic space with the help of moving walls.

The Ecocapsule’s spherical shape is selected due to the form’s small surface area to internal volume.

Q&A: Nice Architects delves into details about the Ecocapsule

The first truly independent micro-home allows people to reach new frontiers with the luxury of a hotel room.

Dornbracht's Comfort Shower and Leg Shower is a unique spa option – a seated water experience. Photo Thomas Popinger

Seat shower streams water while sitting comfortably

Standing while showering is so 2012. That was until Dornbracht unveiled the first horizontal shower. Soon, laying down while showering will be supplemented with another option: sitting.

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