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The Bamboo Windsor Settee is made using the inherent material qualities of natural bamboo.

New Bamboo Furniture by Bo Reudler

Scheduled to be presented at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven from 19 – 27 October, three new furniture pieces by Bo Reudler are made from natural bamboo. While bamboo is among our
The resulting machines can be reproduced one-at-a-time rather than on the scale of mass production.

Transparent Tools by Jesse Howard

A series of domestic appliances can be produced, repaired and recycled by the user.

State of transience by Sander Wassink. Photo by Ronald Smits.

Think Dutch

Why must it always be possible to sit on a chair? This seems an unnecessary question. After all, the function of a chair is precisely to be sat on.

A set of clamps determine the shape of the final product.

Pressed by Floris Wubben

Somewhere between craft and industry, Floris Wubben’s ‘pressing machine’ represents a way for makers to get more involved with the look of their final products without much of the hard graft.

Flags display bags.

Liberty Carpets by We Make Carpets

Every month the shop window of London’s Liberty department store feature someone else’s wonderful creative outburst. The latest display in the Marlborough Street Window is by We
Bottle boat by Floris Hovers.

Sunday Books: Think Dutch!

DAAB will publish a co-edition with Frame, entitled Think Dutch! Creative professionals in the Netherlands didn’t bury their heads in the sand after the crisis hit in 2008. They set