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Why is this sushi restaurant by DDAA so special? It’s an ‘art installation – a ritual almost’

Tokyo – The precision and personality of Tokyo eatery Sushi Yoshii was lauded across the board by the Frame Awards 2020 jury.


For the eyes and mind: this exhibition design frames space as a tool for thought

Japan – DDAA is behind the set-up for Dress Code: Are You Playing Fashion?, a show in Japan that seeks to spur critical thinking in its audience.


Out Now: Frame 131 – How co-living can expand its appeal

We address pertinent questions about shared space, peak with Cutwork, MoMa's Ramona Bronkar Bannayan and Axel Arigato’s Max Svärdh among other industry leaders and showcase Chinese hospitality's …


An office by DDAA in Tokyo is intended to never reach completion

Tokyo – DDAA’s incubator design for venture capital firm Mistletoe redefines how we think about the concept of both the agile office and the client-architect relationship.

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