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Modebelofte 2016 sets innovative fashion on a mysterious aircraft runway cloaked in black at DDW

EINDHOVEN – The annual Modebelofte exhibition during Dutch Design Week 2016 displayed the work of 30 fiercely innovative fashion graduates who express a fresh perspective on the industry.


Frame collaborates with design students to create a flexible pop-up store at DDW

EINDHOVEN – Frame Publishers collaborates with design students from the Royal Academy of Art The Hague to create a unique interior for the official DDW Shop. 


Frame's DDW Shop explores innovations in sustainability and energy efficiency

EINDHOVEN – For the second year running, Frame Publishers curates the official DDW Shop. The vast array of products on display explore themes such as environmentally-friendly materials and energy …

Maarten Baas (Photo courtesy of Mike Roelofs)

Dutch Design Week 2016 boasts a projection of at least 275,000 visitors

EINDHOVEN – The 15th edition of Eindhoven's Dutch Design Week (DDW), slated for the week of 22–30 October, features a sprawling 2500 national and international designers exhibiting in over 100 …


Dutch Design Week 2016 call for entries

Dutch Design Week invites everyone who designs at a professional level. Present your work among a unprecedented number of designers, labels and collectives. Register before 30 June 2016.

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