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How this year’s graduation shows reinvented the digital exhibition format

Unable to host their usual end-of-year finales, art and design schools have invented new and challenging forms of digital exhibition space.


If we hyper-personalize furniture, does that mean we’re limiting its social use?

Eindhoven – Henri Canivez’s Data Stool raises a me-vs-we question: By hyper-customizing it to follow the contours of one person’s body, are we making the seat useless to others?


To manufacture these bespoke products, time literally is money

Eindhoven – With his DAE graduation project, Minute Manufacturing, Diego Faivre responds to the dehumanizing aspects of mass production.


We need to stop shaming those who want to work lying down

Amsterdam – Work is about to hit the floor, and office spaces need to prepare not just for horizontal chairs, but for a change in mindset that can allow this working style to …


Here are five leather alternatives probably heading to your living room

Eindhoven – From fish to palm leaves and linoleum, these proposals provide a potentially scalable alternative to the resource-guzzling cow leather industry.

Many projects on display at the DAE graduation show investigate the relationship between smell and emotion. Photo by Lisa Klappe

DDW: Design Academy Graduation Show

With visitors lining up to see the DAE graduation, the show proves once again to be one of biggest attractions of DDW 2014.

Geneva University of Art and Design mounts Conversation Pieces.

Milan: Day 4

Marking the middle of Milan design week, a second round of visitors replace the first wave. Avoiding the heady crowds, these enthusiasts are more interested in capturing new content or ‘the new …

Professor Uwe Brückner curates and moderates the International Scenography Biennial. Photo Ronny Schoenebaum

Q&A with Uwe Brückner

Professor and designer in his own right, Uwe Brückner believes scenography makes and important leap from traditional set design, by being open to much wider applications. His latest venture, ­The …

Matthias Borowski’s The Importance of the Obvious explores the hidden potential of basic materials.

The Importance of the Obvious by Matthias Borowski

Design Academy Eindhoven postgraduate Matthias Borowski explores the dormant potential of basic materials with The Importance of the Obvious project. Experimenting with different production methods, …

The architecture, objects and materials found within Steiner’s house are utilised to create a small factory.

In House by David Steiner

RCA graduate David Steiner’s flatmates are sure to have noticed a few additions to their house after he finished his graduation project In House.

The bus' windows offer an abundance of natural light to the interior.

Hank Bought A Bus by Hank Butitta

University of Minnesota graduate, Hank Butitta reconstructed a school bus’ interior to create a living space of 225 square feet. Frustrated with the architecture education system – feeling it had …

Jennings' subverts the characteristics of familiar materials in his work.

Folded Concrete Stools By Sam Jennings

Sam Jennings of Falmouth University subverts the characteristics of familiar materials in his graduate project Folded Concrete Stools.

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