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Why we’re fostering new perspectives with film at Frame Awards 2020

Five documentaries screened in collaboration with IDFA will challenge viewers to take a look at spatial realities through a different lens.


WATCH: B&B Italia documentary reveals the secret to its success

NOVEDRATE, Italy – Out now on any Internet-connected device near you, B&B Italia’s 50th anniversary documentary delves into its history while looking to the future.

Jakob Dunkl goes on a tour to meet famous architects such as Wolf D Prix, Jan Gehl, Odile Decq and Willem Jan Neutelings.

Series Meine Stadt/Ma Ville documents an architectural voyage through four European cities

In the programme, Jakob Dunkl from querkraft architects visits the urban metropolises of Lyon, Luxembourg, Copenhagen and Antwerp.

'Staying fresh and trying to look at the building anew was in itself a challenge'.

The Leadenhall Building by Paul Raftery and Dan Lowe

LONDON – Architectural Photographer Paul Raftery reflects on his collaboration with filmmaker Dan Lowe for a documentary on the construction of the Leadenhall Building in London.

Nelly Ben Hayoun has a curiosity with space and is the fire in the engine of Disaster Playground (photo: Neil Berrett).

Disaster Playground by Nelly Ben Hayoun

Disaster Playground is a creative platform investigating the design of emergency procedures in the international space programme. Launching in March 2015, we caught up with this mega-project's …

Rocinha is Rio de Janeiro’s largest and oldest slum, located on a steep mountain overlooking the city.

Rebel Architecture: The Pedreiro and The Master Planner

RIO DE JANEIRO – The final episode of Rebel Architecture documentary series airs tonight on Al-Jazeera English.


Rebel Architecture: Working on Water

MAKOKO – A Nigerian architect proposes solutions for Africa’s water slums on today’s episode of Rebel Architecture by Al-Jazeera.

The House for Trees combines the need for green spaces with housing in Ho Chi Minh City.

Rebel Architecture: Greening the City

VIETNAM – Vietnamese architect tries to channel the rapid economic growth of his country into a more sustainable way of building.

Eyal Weizman sees architecture as a possible tool for control and surveillance.

Rebel Architecture: The Architecture of Violence

ISRAEL – Eyal Weizman explores the role of architecture in the Israeli occupation of the West Bank

The latest episode of Rebel Architecture shows how post-disaster reconstruction merges vernacular architecture with disaster-proof techniques.

Rebel Architecture: A Traditional Future

PAKISTAN – The upcoming episode of Rebel Architecture shows Yasmeen Lari merge disaster-proof techniques with vernacular architecture.

The economic crisis meant that most of the construction project in Spain came to a grinding halt.

Rebel Architecture: Guerilla Architect

SPAIN – Al Jazeera’s new series kicks off tonight with an episode about a Spanish guerilla architect.