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Your corner market might soon feature 3D-printed bioplastic furniture

Tokyo – Inspired by Japanese folding and drawing techniques, Dus made 3D-printed displays and furnishings for Loft, a department store in Ginza designed by Schemata Architects.


At Frame Lab, Hans Vermeulen speaks on the future of architecture and 3D-printing

Amsterdam – Alongside the interactive exhibits at Frame Lab, DUS Architects and Aectual founder Hans Vermeulen will address the topic, ‘Will we live in 3D-printed houses?’


DUS Architects 3D prints recyclable façade for temporary Europe Building

AMSTERDAM – When the Netherlands prepares for a new presidency, not just any building will do. The half-year-long assembly for Europe’s politicians marks an opportunity for an architectural …

The interactive installation was made from soap bubbles.

Bubble Building by DUS Architects

ROTTERDAM – DUS Architects realized the epitome of temporality in an installation that occupied a public square in Rotterdam for two weeks.

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