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Sabine Marcelis transforms De Stijl into a 3D multidisciplinary experience

CANNES – Walk inside a painting as Sabine Marcelis revives Mondrian's avant-garde spirit at the Cannes Film Festival’s Dutch Pavilion.


Dutch Invertuals contemplates diverse design scenarios for our future landscape

EINDHOVEN – At this year’s Dutch Design Week, the Dutch Invertuals exhibition explores energy and the outlook of future landscapes are depicted in an array of installations. 


Frame collaborates with design students to create a flexible pop-up store at DDW

EINDHOVEN – Frame Publishers collaborates with design students from the Royal Academy of Art The Hague to create a unique interior for the official DDW Shop. 


Frame's DDW Shop explores innovations in sustainability and energy efficiency

EINDHOVEN – For the second year running, Frame Publishers curates the official DDW Shop. The vast array of products on display explore themes such as environmentally-friendly materials and energy …

Saturday Night by Rob Walters

Statement prints and kaleidoscopic textiles will feature in the DDW Shop, hosted by Frame

EINDHOVEN – For the second time, Frame Publishers will curate the official DDW Shop. Among the products on sale are a vast array of innovative textile pieces.

Maarten Baas (Photo courtesy of Mike Roelofs)

Dutch Design Week 2016 boasts a projection of at least 275,000 visitors

EINDHOVEN – The 15th edition of Eindhoven's Dutch Design Week (DDW), slated for the week of 22–30 October, features a sprawling 2500 national and international designers exhibiting in over 100 …

Dutch Invertuals exhibition at DDW15. Photo Boudewijn Bollmann, Dutch Design Week 2015

DDW16 gives a glimpse of tomorrow's shape

EINDHOVEN – Want to see the shape of tomorrow? Starting 22 October, Dutch Design Week 2016 puts the spotlight on the subject in the city of Eindhoven for nine days, illuminating the innovation and …


Studio Nienke Hoogvliet grows Sea Me collection with furniture of seaweed-dyed fabric

Back in issue 103, Frame first introduced Nienke Hoogvliet's interest with undersea vegetation which manifested as a knotted carpet of rugged seaweed yarn entitled Sea Me. Since then, what began …


Moooi showroom lets Londoners' interiors go Dutch

LONDON – Recently topping a list as the best place to live in the city, London Fitzrovia is now home to Moooi's newest showroom which imports Dutch stylings to invade British interiors.


Lernert & Sander chuck crumpled paper at Lensvelt's Boring collection

When a day at the office proves to be too boring to handle, Lernert & Sander show how a slam dunk captured by Lensvelt's Boring collection can wipe away a humdrum day.


Studio Knol tests human herd mentality with spatial interrogation

EINDHOVEN – Set up inside the MU Art Space, a course carved by flags, posts and ropes presents turn-by-turn options to execute Studio Knol's research on human herd behaviour in a controlled …


Maurice Mentjens' House of Smart probes the inner workings of the mind

EINDHOVEN – The House of Smart, yet another psychedelic experience conjured by Dutch designer Maurice Mentjens, attempts to reflect the city’s brilliant brainwaves through a surprisingly sober …