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Highlights of Dutch Design Week 2017

EINDHOVEN, the Netherlands – The most memorable exhibitions at Dutch Design Week 2017 include borrowed architecture, celestial spheres, and a flexible apartment building.

People’s Pavilion by bureau SLA and Overtreders W. Photo Jeroen van der Wielen

Bureau SLA & Overtreders W build a pavilion with only borrowed materials

EINDHOVEN – Here, the entirety of the People’s Pavilion – a central piece at this year’s Dutch Design Week – is borrowed and will be returned to the owners, including …


The experimental and the innovative at Dutch Design Week 2017

Eindhoven, the Netherlands – We curate this year’s Dutch Design Week programme down to this list of young designers, exhibitions, and explorations in all creative realms.


Take a train to outer space with Daan Roosegaarde in Eindhoven station

Eindhoven, the Netherlands – In an underground tunnel, a mesmerizing light installation of Earth as seen by satellites enthralls commuters.


Creatives unite for Frame Minds to discuss the future of Dutch design

EINDHOVEN, the Netherlands – As part of Dutch Design Week, Frame gathers influential figures to prompt a conversation on the national evolution of creativity, style, and visual …


At Ace & Tate Eindhoven, retail becomes an art form

EINDHOVEN – Designed by OS & OOS and inspired by Eindhoven’s local industrial architecture, Ace & Tate’s new location reveals the art of shopping for glasses.


The Student Hotel: more than a hotel and not just for students

EINDHOVEN – The latest branch of the rapidly expanding hospitality chain opens its doors, inviting young people to gather, stay, and inspire each other in the hybrid space.


Modebelofte 2016 sets innovative fashion on a mysterious aircraft runway cloaked in black at DDW

EINDHOVEN – The annual Modebelofte exhibition during Dutch Design Week 2016 displayed the work of 30 fiercely innovative fashion graduates who express a fresh perspective on the industry.


Dutch Invertuals contemplates diverse design scenarios for our future landscape

EINDHOVEN – At this year’s Dutch Design Week, the Dutch Invertuals exhibition explores energy and the outlook of future landscapes are depicted in an array of installations. 


Frame's DDW Shop explores innovations in sustainability and energy efficiency

EINDHOVEN – For the second year running, Frame Publishers curates the official DDW Shop. The vast array of products on display explore themes such as environmentally-friendly materials and energy …

Saturday Night by Rob Walters

Statement prints and kaleidoscopic textiles will feature in the DDW Shop, hosted by Frame

EINDHOVEN – For the second time, Frame Publishers will curate the official DDW Shop. Among the products on sale are a vast array of innovative textile pieces.

Maarten Baas (Photo courtesy of Mike Roelofs)

Dutch Design Week 2016 boasts a projection of at least 275,000 visitors

EINDHOVEN – The 15th edition of Eindhoven's Dutch Design Week (DDW), slated for the week of 22–30 October, features a sprawling 2500 national and international designers exhibiting in over 100 …