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Héctor Esrawe sheds light on the crisis' impact on design in Mexico City

Mexico City – The Esrawe Studio founder and Masa Galería co-founder explains how his teams are reinventing, refocusing and reimagining in the midst of this new reality.


*cries in Spanish* Mexico just built the world’s most beautiful showroom

Guadalajara – Esrawe Studio turned Grupo Arca’s Design Centre in Guadalajara into more than a showroom and warehouse: it’s almost a cultural centre for the city.


Here’s the longlist for the Honorary categories at the Frame Awards 2019

Amsterdam – Here is our first cut for the Client, Designer and Emerging Designer awards, featuring the teams behind some outstanding recent projects. 


This Mexico City restaurant feels like the inside of a grand bento box

Mexico City – Esrawe Studio undertook the design of the newest restaurant in the Tori Tori family, strengthening the stage for Japanese food in Mexico.


For Esrawe Studio, there is no taqueria without tortillas

Mexico City – Inspired by the versatility and universal appeal of the Mexican flatbread, Esrawe Studio uses tortillas as a motif in El Califa’s newest location.


What does gelato have to do with glass lenses?

MEXICO CITY – Esrawe + Cadena design Gelatoscopio, a gastronomic adventure through happiness and the imagination.

An organic ivy-like façade was carefully designed to be an extension of the restaurant.

Tori Tori Restaurant

MEXICO CITY – What was once a residential house in Mexico City has been transformed ‘from the inside out’ into a Japanese restaurant.

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