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House 33 by Marchi Architects. Photo Fernando Guerra

House 33 by Marchi Architects lives out of the Symbioz car

FRANCE – Going past the point of mere admiration and infatuation, the architects design a residence where the car is fully-integrated in the day-to-day occupations of its inhabitants.

Minima | Maxima by Marc Fornes, THEVERYMANY. Photo NAARO

Marc Fornes equates a minimal structure to maximum fun

ASTANA – Minima | Maxima by Marc Fornes, from THEVERYMANY, defies gravity and leaves us contemplating and dreaming.

Stratum House by stpmj. Photo Song Yousub

A concrete medley by stpmj is cast as a residential façade

ICHEON – A 1:1 ratio of geologic inspiration and architecture amounts to an interesting façade aesthetic.


Marc Fornes' structural stripes demonstrate the strength of wafer thin materials

ORLANDO – Marc Fornes talks to Mark about how the design for Under Magnitude evolved from his past research and why strength relies on geometry, not in materials.

Fire Wall by Bekkring Adams Architects. Photos Bekkring Adams Architects

3D printing is making an impression on concrete

MATERIALS – Bekkering Adams tests the partnership of concrete and technology in a tangible way, with the proposal Fire Wall.

Avant-garde shapes made from modern materials.

Matthew Butcher and associates design a mobile cabin for writers' residency

An unconventional structure will be travelling along Hadrian’s Wall in the north of England over the next few months to host writers, poets and thinkers.

The guest house is conceived as a coloured form that oscillates between sheer camouflage and a sparkling beacon in the woods.

Butterfly House by Davidclovers

PENNSYLVANIA – An exotic and iridescent creature has landed on a secluded hill in the northeast corner of Pennsylvania.

NArchitekTURA’s ‘Apartment of the Future’ will serve as a fully integrated product laboratory for the furniture industry.

Apartment of the Future by NArchitekTURA

DOBRODZIEŃ – An installation in a Polish furniture market blurs the distinction between residential, commercial, and conceptual.

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