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Swarovski’s Snøhetta-designed factory is open – but not as open as one might hope

Wattens, Austria – Swarowski asked Snøhetta for the 'crystal atelier of the 21st century.' Is this a sign of a change of attitude in the Austrian company's inner workings?


Chromatic infusions update creative workspace in an old factory

Hamburg, Germany – A bare industrial core is transformed into a vibrant creative workspace by Studio Besau-Marguerre for About You’s in-house photo studio.


Inside Vescom and its dedication to detail

DEURNE, the Netherlands – Frame visits the Vescom office for a behind-the-scenes tour of the production facility where the wallcoverings, upholstery and curtain fabrics are made.

R1/R2 Buildings by h2o Architectes. Photos Julien Attard / Myr Muratet

The story of a bankrupt textile factory continues with h2o Architectes

BOURG-LES-VALENCE – A renovation brings a historical warehouse space to life in the south of France as a setting for creative companies.

Volumes housing separate functions for the facility are stacked to create dynamic linear and proportional tensions.

Sunray Woodcraft Construction Headquarters by DP Architects

SINGAPORE – DP’s Sunray headquarters integrates manufacturing and corporate functions into a boldly modern beacon amidst Singapore’s ‘International Furniture Hub’.

The refuse incineration plant has an angular, monolithic appearance.

Incineration Line by Erick van Egeraat

COPENHAGEN – A Dutch architect designs an unlikely icon for the Danish town of Roskilde.

The Italian company rose to the main stage in the 1980s and has been a powerhouse ever since.

The Fabrics of Moroso

Whether you admire them from a distance or get near enough to appreciate the details, Moroso’s objects are often defined by their skins.

A taxi garage became an event space with a living quarters for a fashion designer in Barcelona.

Best of Building Use Conversions

When factories are decommissioned, they may sit vacant until their inevitable meeting with a wrecking ball. Architects and designers alike have found relic buildings to be a great starting point to …

The transparent, glossy and polished foyer nudges between...

Sauflon Innovation Centre by Foldes Architects

Green-tinted bridges – cutting across a double height white-cube lobby – are not what you would expect when imagining a Hungarian factory. Conjoining a high-tech production plant with an …

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