High quality office furniture and acoustic solutions for comfortable workspaces

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Osoppo (Udine), Italy

Market Sector

Office and contract

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4akustik sound-absorbent system


Company Profile

On the inside, Fantoni is a leader in the market of office furniture and sound-absorption panels. On the inside, its core is grounded in research, technology and the verticalisation of processes. The company, founded in 1882 by Achille Fantoni, has based its prolific production on sustainability, which includes the self-production of energy, glue creation and the development of new materials – that’s where 4akustik, a highly eco-compatible sound absorbent system suitable for public environments comes from. While its ultimate goal is to ensure the health and comfort of its customers, the company also excels in heritage matters: some of their collections – specifically, the Quaranta5 – are on display at the MoMA, and the attention paid to the cultural aspect of their projects earned Fantoni a Compasso d’Oro in 1998.

In other words, for more than 100 years Fantoni has been able to combine technical performance with sustainable solutions, without compromising on looks.

Key People


Paolo Fantoni





Fantoni articles


Designers show workspaces in constant flux need constantly supportive furniture

London – Fantoni collaborates with design firm Gensler to create a line of furnishings that facilitates the creative beta mode in which staff at its European headquarters work.


Why the architects of a creative community centre turned to Fantoni for customization

Boise, USA – Fantoni Group’s acoustic solutions fine-tune the vast spaces of JUMP, a mixed-use community centre in Boise.


A work station that changes layout from one hour to the next? That’s the Hub

Osoppo, Italy – Fantoni’s Hub system allows employers to have the ease of an open layout plan, while providing employees with individually customizable spaces according to their …


A nearly infinite conference space is met with infinite acoustic solutions

Algiers – With the wide spectrum of acoustic solutions needed for a massive multi-purpose space in Algeria, Fabris&Partners turned to Fantoni’s diverse paneling range. 


The Fantoni Campus recalibrates to embrace change

Osoppo, Italy – The Fantoni campus has been prepared to flex since 1972 thanks to Valle Architecti Associati. 


Inside the Oman Arab Bank HQ’s distribution (not division) of collaboration

MUSCAT, Oman – How can workplace design facilitate discussion and teamwork, while ensuring productivity and privacy – especially over 16,000 sq-m?


Having achieved design cohesion, materiality is put to work

Manama, Bahrain – Taking the expansive geometry of Islamic patterns as inspiration, the interior of the Al Baraka Banking Group HQ has been designed with a focus on materiality.


Designing for the workplace of the future (with Robin Rizzini of Metrica)

Intrigued by the innovative Woods collection developed in partnership with Fantoni, Frame reaches out to Metrica’s chief designer and partner Robin Rizzini.


How responsive design can innovate, not alienate

Fantoni and Metrica set a new standard for height-adjustable desks in the Woods collection, merging functionality with comfort like never before.


Seen, not heard: the work cubicle 2.0

Acoustic Room by Italian manufacturer Fantoni creates cubes of privacy within an open layout, optimizing productivity while maintaining social interaction.


Fantoni responds to two key trends in workspace design

Flexibility increases employee engagement, and Fantoni emphasizes this with privacy cubes and multifunctional furniture that responds to how we work.

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