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Why a Ukrainian studio went simple for a Kiev flower store

Kiev – A retail space for wholesale supplier Dicentra by Rina Lovko is among the growing number of flower stores modernizing the industry.


This ethereal, multi-purpose flower shop in China is designed like a poem

Hangzhou, China – By Jove, designed by Mur Mur Lab in Hangzhou for a florist, is more concept store than mom-and-pop shop. 


A Japanese flower artist turns disposed plants into botanical sculptures

Tokyo – Featured in our book Where They Create: Japan, botanical artist Makoto Azuma speaks about his lab, where he experiments with floral arrangements. 


A Russian flower shop is a Constructivist cosmonaut’s dream

Rostov-on-Don, Russia – In Southern Russia, Eduard Eremchuk’s Guapa Flower Shop treats its products as art installations, with a futuristic environment to match.


Design plays a key role in the blooming business of flower shops

Flowers are no longer just decoration – they’re now a key part of the more sensorial retail experience, from China to Denmark.

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