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Brandlhuber+ Emde, Schneider's Antivilla is heated with a sauna

KRAMPNITZ – When planning permission was given for the construction of three houses on the site of an underwear factory, a team of architects set out to realize an ‘antivilla’ by converting one …

Photo Alice Bonicelli & Lorena Rubio

Designers reimagine energy to create awareness of dwindling resources

As the end of our finite resources looms into view, the quest for alternative energy becomes an increasingly recurring topic on the design agenda.

Jonas Forsman is 36. He won his first Red Dot Award in 2006. So why has Marcel Wanders chosen to adopt him now?

Jonas Forsman approaches design problems as a technician

Gothenburg-based Jonas Forsman is a freelance industrial designer specializing in furniture and products.

For 60 years, Klaus Kemp has been perfecting the once-forgotten art of diatom arranging.

Klaus Kemp arranges microscopic organisms into intricate patterns

For 60 years, Klaus Kemp has been perfecting the once-forgotten art of diatom arranging. Kemp’s complex symmetrical arrangements of tiny organisms are invisible to the naked eye.


Muti Randolph's interior at Galeria Melissa Covent Garden interacts with shoppers

LONDON – Muti Randolph puts emotion, and the shopper, at the centre of the Covent Garden outpost of Brazilian shoe brand Melissa.


Herzog & de Meuron's Miu Miu is Tokyo's hidden secret

TOKYO – Herzog & de Meuron seduces with subtlety, expressing Miu Miu’s deep desire for change and self-expression.


Lee Bul doesn't talk about meaning

Lee Bul draws upon the architecture of space, mind and body to construct an exceptional version of everyday reality.


Bruno van den Elshout and Rob van Hoesel's book New Horizons offers an escape without interruption

Bruno van den Elshout teamed up with designer Rob van Hoesel to realize New Horizons, an entirely textless book which presents photos documenting the ever-changing serene horizon at The Hague’s …

São Paulo-based Rodrigo Almeida has a body of sculptural furniture and objects that references Brazil. Portrait MMMM

Brazilian designer Rodrigo Almeida says design is still an elite affair

Brazilian design used to be all about the Campanas. Rodrigo Almeida is part of an emerging generation that’s redefining its roots.


Federico Masotto's We Are Juice interior illustrates fruit ingredients

PARIS – When architect Federico Masotto set out to refurbish the interior of a high-end juice bar in the heart of the French capital, he took the raw ingredients of the delicious juices on the menu …


Traditional paintings inspire Panorama's Yue restaurant interior

CHENGDU – Traditional Chinese landscape paintings serve as inspiration for Panorama’s multi-perspective restaurant interior.


Gender-neutral trend culminates at Faye Toogood's Agender pop-up in Selfridges

LONDON – Selfridges offered a platform to British creative Faye Toogood, who filled it with a collection of gender-blurred designs.