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Birgit Gämmerler founded Zeitraum from a boredom of plastic

It was boredom with plastic that led Birgit Gämmerler to found Zeitraum, a pioneer in sustainable wooden furniture. A quarter century later, why doesn’t she see growth in the future?


Les Bains Douches' pleasure-seeking past elicits a restoration dripping with decadence

PARIS – Les Bains Douches was one of the more glamorous Parisian nightclubs in the 1980s and 1990s. David Bowie and Iman partied there, while David Guetta spun the decks and Yves Saint Laurent …


Diplomates aims to create a bewitchingly sensory experience through architecture

Multidisciplinary studio Diplomates rejects today’s far-too-conservative retail work in favour of ephemerality and fluidly experiential projects.

'I've always had this idea about starting a revolution – about overthrowing the world. I don’t have a political background; I just wanted to start a revolution.' – Joep van Lieshout

Joep van Lieshout's art speaks about our society

He’s gone from producing weapons, alcohol, drugs and abortion clinics to creating a pavilion for this year’s Design Miami/ Basel. Just how has Joep van Lieshout adapted his anarchistic ideas to …

Incorporating Bluetooth speakers and solar panels, Atelier Teratoma’s backpack is fit for a picnic in the city. Photo Diego Ene

Street-smart designers look to our ever-expanding megacities for inspiration

By 2030 the world will be populated by an estimated eight billion people, of which two-thirds will live in cities that are currently in a constant state of construction. Street-smart designers are …

Wilddineren provides exclusive – and secret – dining events in quirky locations like a public train during rush hour or the toilets of a music venue.

Wilddineren gives diners a one-off culinary night out

Guerrilla dining event Wilddineren shrouds a culinary night out in a veil of mystery. Will exclusivity be tomorrow’s plat du jour?


Sarah May and Kate Jackling interpret hospitality for Frame #106 cover art

Commissioned to create Frame #106’s cover image, London-based set designer and art director Sarah May teamed up with photographer Kate Jackling to highlight today’s tailor-made approach to …


Edward Granger's vibrant Hermès windows act as an extension of the urban landscape

NEW YORK CITY – Brooklyn-based artist Edward Granger was invited to design windows for selected Hermès boutiques in New York City part of Vitrine d’Artiste, an ongoing programme involving local …

Taste and sound were just two ingredients of an interactive feast for all the senses.

Whispery Savoury's interactive dining event maximizes culinary pleasure

Interactive dining event investigates the roles of art and science in gastronomy.

The animated pieces, which were a subversive interpretation of Marant’s primal Spring 2015 campaign.

Artist Arnold Goron's primitive sculptures reflect Isabel Marant’s primal campaign

NEW YORK CITY – Isabel Marant's springtime window installations at Barneys feature Goron's series of sculptural pieces with a cave-like ambience.


Hassell breaks down mental and physical barriers at Medibank's Melbourne headquarters

MELBOURNE – Architecture firm Hassell’s role in the project included the design of the base building and interiors that respond to healthy workplace precedents drawn from case studies published …


Rich materials emphasize extravagance in Miami's Alchemist boutique by Rene Gonzalez

MIAMI – Cuban émigrés and their American families have transformed Miami, once a staid resort for tourists and retirees, into a vibrantly creative city that links the US and Latin America. Rene …

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