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A day with Sebastian Herkner

PEOPLE – Starting at 6 a.m., Sebastian Herkner’s insatiable appetite for creativity fuels each new day.


Chihiro Tanaka fuses his twin talents for intriguing results

A Japanese fashion and lighting designer fuses his twin talents for intriguing results. 

Bar Nou

Anna Puigjaner stresses the significance of the collective

Projects involving domestic spaces prompt a Spanish designer and researcher to stress the significance of the collective. 

Inspired by the diverse activities that have engaged Gaggenau since its foundation 333 years ago, photographers Wendy van Santen and Hans Bolleurs shot a series of material-focused images representing three key elements that have helped define the brand's

Celebrating 333 years of growth, Gaggenau unveils how its past is defining its present and guiding its future

From James Watt’s invention of the steam engine and the completion of Beethoven’s Ninth to the moon landing of Apollo 11 and the creation of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn: such iconic moments

‘We prefer to provoke a reaction of love or hate than of indifference’

Moooi has never shied away from controversy. As the brand moves through a period of rapid growth, new CEO Robin Bevers discusses his role in the company’s future.

Luca Nichetto opened his studio in Venice mainly for practical reasons, but it was love that prompted him to establish a second practice in Sweden.

Luca Nichetto reveals the source of his appreciation of production

In his mini memoir, Luca Nichetto reveals how Murano's glass industry heightened his appreciation of production, which he believes is inherently connected to design.

'My goal is to master my own mind,' says Lisa Park. Portrait Andrew Boyle

Lisa Park translates biofeedback into visual and sonic spectacle with an intangible material

Inspired by a compulsion to ‘control my consciousness’, Lisa Park’s performance pieces employ commercial biofeedback tools, such as heart-rate monitors and brainwave headsets. She converts the …

Featuring a mix of woven fibres developed in collaboration with colourist Giulio Ridolfo, Herkner's MBrace lounge chair (pictured) takes comfort to heart. Dedon presented Mbrace at the Salone del Mobile 2016.

Sebastian Herkner's insatiable appetite for creativity fuels each new day

German designer Sebastian Herkner gives Frame a glimpse of his daily routine. SEBASTIAN HERKNER: 'My alarm goes off at 6 a.m. I usually run on about five hours of sleep. I’m a night owl,

MINI initiates a conversation about affordable shared housing

In booming international cities, homes amid the inspiring buzz of urban life are in hot demand. As a result, global urbanization has led to soaring house prices – a consequence of the lack of …


Emmanuelle Moureaux adapts an installation to different spaces

TOKYO – No fewer than 20,000 'twigs' in 100 shades of colour comprised Emmanuelle Moureaux’s installation at the Tokyo edition of the Wood Furniture Japan Award exhibition. 


Ciguë sets a material-rich stage for Julien David's fashions

TOKYO  When Parisian studio Ciguë renovated streetwear designer Julien David’s 200-sq-m Harajuku flagship, the intention was never for the architecture to steal the show.

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