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Obaltan Seoul Forest Park Store by INTOEX in Seoul, South Korea. Photo: Studio Off / Yongjoon Choi

Hospitality noir: these moody, ambient food-and-drink interiors go the anti-Instagram route

In our current issue, we look at how hospitality spaces are starting to reference the enigmatic atmosphere of clandestine environments.


Out Now: Frame 135 – The Post-Pandemic Playbook

How can spatial design help sectors survive and thrive through the pandemic? It's a question we set out to find an answer to in our July/August 2020 issue.


Inflatable attire by designer Fred Erik suits our society up for social distancing

Inspired by the pufferfish, Fred Erik’s Sufficient Space suits warns the wearer’s bystanders with an acoustic signal when they come too close.


Studio Modijefsky advocates for art to enter the urban outdoors – and fill the 1.5-m gap

The Amsterdam-based team suggests allowing the cultural sector, hit hard by forced closures, to curate intermediate areas with temporary exhibitions accessible for all.


Bubble Architecture Studio conceptualizes a solution for COVID-era social spaces

Challenged by Frame to address occupancy obstacles, designer Paulino Poveda shows the potential of a smart, modular flooring system.

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