Articles tagged Frame Challenge: Sustainable Hospitality


Nature alone can’t sustain our food habits, so this designer has a spicy solution

Eindhoven – Alexandra Genis’ Atoma tastemakers ensure quality food experiences everywhere, no matter the season or climate.


Book now or never: This travel agency takes you to places with an expiration date

Rotterdam – To confront globetrotters with their impact on the Earth, Felix Leenders set up a travel agency that offers excursions to destinations affected by climate change.


How edible capsules can fight waste, but also elevate the dining experience

Lausanne – Bastien Chevrier responded to the latest Frame Challenge by enclosing food in a thin protein bubble, making cardboard containers and plastic film superfluous.


Are nomad, pack-and-go cities in our future?

Arnhem – Inflatable structures by Roos Meerman and Bart van den Hoven function as flexible pop-up lodgings. 

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