Articles tagged Frame Challenge: Tomorrow's Workplace


Tomorrow's Workplace: Clément Balavoine

With his 3D-tailoring robot, Clément Balavoine sets out to make inhumane fashion factories obsolete.


Tomorrow's Workplace: Maya Pindeus

Maya Pindeus' talent to bridge the gap between human nature and technology makes for an interesting answer to the Frame Challenge.


Tomorrow's Workplace: James Shaw

Foreseeing a loss of existing jobs due to automation, James Shaw envisions three bio-based professions immune to the development.


Tomorrow's Workplace: Panter & Tourron

Now that work is no longer confined to the office, Panter & Tourron propose a sound-controlling wearable for concentration in shared spaces.


Tomorrow's Workplace: Lotte van Velzen's AOE

In Frame 117, we commissioned five makers to design an item, tool, space or service that anticipates the automation of tomorrow's workspace.

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