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Can Minecraft in AR transform spatial design?

Minecraft Earth's augmented reality technology has obvious applications in helping to visualize and adapt design plans in situ.


Design for Ageing: Kailu Guan’s The Director

The UN reports that by 2050 people over 65 will outnumber those under 15. With this in mind, five makers answered the Frame 115 Challenge.

Football Capsule by Bord Studio. Photos Gyorgy Palko

Bord Studio bottles a big atmosphere into a small stadium

BUDAPEST – The building’s namesake previously played for his home town and his country but the architect has another name for the 5000-seat stadium: The Football Capsule.


XJstudio takes the common out of communal space in a Taipei office

TAIPEI – Employees at Lite-On Technology Corp get to shoot hoops – and the breeze – in their converted internal courtyard, courtesy of XJstudio. 

The player guides a silent princess through fantastic, illusory landcapes by manipulating impossible architecture

Monument Valley by Ustwo

Architecture rarely makes the headlines in the gaming world, but the recently released iPad game, Monument Valley, has buckled this trend.