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60 Series by XYZ teeters at an alarming 60-degree angle.

60 Series by XYZ

Playing with gravity, Georgia-based XYZ Integrated Architecture designed 60 Series – furniture teetering at an alarming 60-degree angle. By reinterpreting modernist structures, slanted chairs and …

Eleven mushroom-like canopies hang over more acute geometrical glass forms below, creating a mixed vernacular.

Tbilisi Public Service Hall by Studio Fuksas

TBILISI – Likened to petals or leaves, eleven roofs cover seven cubes in Italian architects Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas’ public service hall which includes the National Bank of Georgia, the …

A rest stop in Gori, about 85km from Tbilisi.

Georgia Rest Stops

GORI AND LOCHINI – Across Georgia, 20 rest stops are being realized by J. Mayer H. – the man responsible for revamping the entire country’s architectural program.

The five-storey police station fuses an undulating concrete form with wavy glass windows.

House of Justice & Police Station

MESTIA – Amongst the snow covered landscape of the Caucasian Mountains, architect Jürgen Mayer H. has completed two of his nearly 40 ongoing projects in Georgia.

The 55-m-high air traffic control tower will be clad with a transparent skin that can change colour when there is a fluctuation in traffic.

Kutaisi Airport, Georgia

KUTAISI – UNStudio’s design of the new Kutaisi Airport was revealed by Georgia’s President Mikheil Saakashvili on Tuesday.

‘The biggest challenge was finding structural solutions for the cantilevering elements of the viewing terraces,’ Mayer says. Photo Beka Pkhakadze.

Sarpi Border Checkpoint

SARPI – At a border crossing between Georgia and Turkey, a new customs checkpoint building is an unconventional, undulating, cantilevered tower.