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Here’s an example of a government interior that matches function with (innovative) form

Kunshan, China – SiYu Interior Design rethought the conventional design approach taken for municipal buildings for Kunshan Government Public Affairs Service Centre.


Should heritage government buildings be thinking about (spatial) democracy?

Quebec City, Canada – Unchanged for over 100 years, the National Assembly of Quebec has a new reception pavilion targeted at the general public, thanks to Provencher_Roy and GLCRM …


The Governmental Interior of Year was awarded to the most public place in Amsterdam: the metro

Amsterdam – Group A’s technical renovation of 16 stations on the city’s Oostlijn lent itself to surprisingly aesthetic results and was a clear winner at the Frame Awards.


OMA adds transparency to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Hague, the Netherlands – The Rotterdam studio transforms the 1992 governmental office building with openness and public accessibility in mind. 

B30 Renovation by KAAN Architects. Photos Karin Borghouts

Kaan Architecten reinterprets century-old ideas to realise a contemporary renovation

THE HAGUE – Originally built in 1917, the former home of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs has been renovated for a second time.

Brakel Police Station by ORGPERMOD. Photos Filip Dujardin

ORG's giant-scaled structure plays with aesthetic deception

BRAKEL – The new police station in a largely-agricultural community in Belgium isn't quite what it seems.

City Hall Venlo by Kraaijvanger Architecten. Photos Ronald Tilleman

Kraaijvanger Architecten inspires sustainability with 'green fingers'

VENLO – The green façade of Venlo's City Hall is instrumental in providing a healthy working environment with a cradle-to-cradle approach throughout the full design process.

Australian Embassy by Denton Corker Marshal. Photos John Gollings

Metallic-clad towers take centre stage at the Australian Embassy by Denton Corker Marshall

JAKARTA – Three distinct typologies make up the new Australian Embassy, which is designed to act as a ‘city within a city’ in the Indonesian capital.

The entry to the fortress stands staunch. Photo Cecile Septet

Into the Labyrinth

France's new Ministry of Defence is an impenetrable fortress.

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