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Openings: Dior in Mykonos, VanMoof in Berlin, Kith in Tokyo and more in retail

New stores around the world reflect the fact that consumer spending is slowly bouncing back after months of lockdown.


How to stand out amid the eyewear market explosion

Athens – To keep up with consumer demand, Mold Architects was tasked with bringing a 40-year-old optics store in Athens into the present day.


To design for the future, think multicultural

Hong Kong – Russian studio Sundukovy Sisters designs a Greek-themed restaurant in Hong Kong where cultural interplays abound.


Five installations to experience at the London Design Biennale

London – From an object that responds positively to human disobedience to disobedient objects that respond negatively to humans, here are five Emotional States to experience. 

The Artichoke Thistle Lounge Chair contains plant fibre from the weed that gives it its name.

Artichoke Thistle Lounge Chair by Spyros Kizis

Nature’s potential as a resource has yet to be fully realized, but with fuel and energy crises looming large, it is only a matter of time. In response to the economic downfall of his native Greece, …

Papalampropoulos works with the land’s physical constraints as a way to address privacy issues.

Leivatho by Leonidas Papalampropoulos Architecture Bureau

KEFALONIA – With the design of Leivatho Hotel on the island of Kefalonia in Western Greece, Athens-based architect Leonidas Papalampropoulos worked with the landscape’s physical constraints to …

ARRRGH! Monsters in Fashion logo, Photo courtesy of Craig Green

ARRRGH! by Atopos CVC

Atopos Contemporary Visual Culture presents the fruitful results of a three-year-long research into character design. Transcending the fashion and avant-garde theatre worlds, the Greek organization …

A system of crossing wires with spherical bulbs creates a sense of interiority.

Guilty Beach Mykonos by LoT

MYKONOS – LoT recently completed Guilty Beach, a luxury club on the coast of Mykonos, Greece.

Biribildu is a fast-food joint in Athens.

Biribildu Souvlaki by Minas Kosmidis

Biribildu, a fast-food joint in Athens by architect Minas Kosmidis, takes the fun of the fairground as its main inspiration, while still managing to stay on the right side of good taste. 

‘The effect is like standing on the edge of a diving board ready to plunge into the cityscape,’ says architect Nikolas Travasaros of the house’s design.

A Private House by Divercity Architects

PSYCHIKO – Although we’re not all that sure as to whether heaven and hell actually exist, if heaven had to be constructed it would probably look something like this.

The piece’s eventual decay will ‘illustrate how the transformation of textural and colour quality can bring phenomenal conditions of time and space.’

Daphne Installation by 24° Studio

A tunnelling installation is slinking through one of Santorini’s quintessential blue and white houses.

‘Serenity is followed by tension and drama,’ Stelios says.

Sweet Alchemy Pastry Shop by Kois Associated Architects

At a pastry shop in Athens, mysterious darkness adds extra flavour to sweet treats.

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