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‘The effect is like standing on the edge of a diving board ready to plunge into the cityscape,’ says architect Nikolas Travasaros of the house’s design.

A Private House by Divercity Architects

PSYCHIKO – Although we’re not all that sure as to whether heaven and hell actually exist, if heaven had to be constructed it would probably look something like this.

Andrew Salgado, ‘An Altered Peace.’ 2012. Oil on canvas, 120x150cm.

Interview with Andrew Salgado

The In Order to Rebuild exhibition at Korea’s Dosi Gallery features the work of Andrew Salgado, the Canada-born London-based painter known for his eerie paintings that are preoccupied with …

The building has a strong futuristic sci-fi presence, with graffiti relief panels making up the external structure.

The Hive Apartment by ITN Architects

MELBOURNE – The Hive apartment in Melbourne, designed by architect Zvi Belling of ITN Architects, is the first in a series of Hip Hop buildings.

The structure features modern elements, yet is tied to local architectural tradition.

Postcard from Italy #1

CASTEL DI LAMA – Why do I propose this detached villa near Ascoli, as my first postcard from Italy?

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