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How the co-sharing economy is transforming hair salons

Yokohoma, Japan – Go Today Shaire Salon in Yokohoma – designed by Canoma – challenges the status quo of impermanent salon set-ups.


Why an architect used Amazon’s Alexa to build a smart salon in LA

Los Angeles – Francisco Gonzalez-Pulido vitalizes the spatially ‘outdated’ hair and salon industries with Starring by Ted Gibson, a tech-powered hairdressing studio.


It takes a lot to stand out in Beijing’s competitive hair salon market

Beijing – Blue Mist, a hair salon designed by 123 Architects, features a flexible lecture space within the ocean-inspired interior design. 


A newly opened hair salon in Paris is biophilic in form and foliage

Paris – Joshua Florquin Architecture designed Les Dada East, a salon-cum-cultural-space near Bastille that has an architectural ‘forest’ built within.


This Japanese ‘shaire’ salon mixes co-working with hair styling

Tokyo – What can the hair salon industry learn from co-working spaces? Go Today, a new sharing concept in the competitive Tokyo market, has a good answer. 


Your idea of a minimalist hair salon gets a trim

Kyoto – For a hair salon in Kyoto, designer duo Sides Core stripped down the space to put the focus back on the flow between the stylist’s hand and the client’s head.

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