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Towards Off-Grid Travel: SF-SO delivers hospitality by drone

Designers Jaehoon Jung and Hoyoung Joo envision a future where cargo drones can be used to deliver inflatable prefab housing units to locations preselected by travellers.


David Rockwell on helping restaurants recover from COVID-19

New York City – The New York-based architect explains how the hospitality industry can use design to become more resilient. 


Nostalgia without the cheap tricks? This food court in Hong Kong’s iconic Jardine House shows it can be done

Hong Kong – When creating BaseHall, Linehouse travelled back in time to the 1970s, the period in which its iconic site was completed.


Why this multifunctional Shanghai ‘living space’ both embraces and diverges from the design-for-Insta strategy

Shanghai – Creators of Hashtag, a café, exhibition venue, bar and store, ONOAA Studio notes the importance of curation in commercial environments.


How Paris-based creatives designed a pop-up restaurant to empower refugee chefs

Paris – Created in collaboration between Juno, Martin Dymensztein and Eugena Ossi, Les Cuistots Migrateurs’ pop-up interprets many cultures in a contemporary context.

Obaltan Seoul Forest Park Store by INTOEX in Seoul, South Korea. Photo: Studio Off / Yongjoon Choi

Hospitality noir: these moody, ambient food-and-drink interiors go the anti-Instagram route

In our current issue, we look at how hospitality spaces are starting to reference the enigmatic atmosphere of clandestine environments.


Six hospitality interiors that champion sleek lines, smooth surfaces and a clean look

The pandemic is raising the bar for sanitation and hygiene – guests’ aesthetic sensibilities may shift as a result. Here are some forward-looking examples.


Artefact designs Seoul café Slit, an example of how to leave a big impression with a small space

Seoul – The South Korean studio devised an arresting façade and interior for the new hospitality venture, taking its name to heart.

Los Angeles’s SoFi stadium, which is set to open in August of this year, features a 6,500-m2 4K circular display that dominates the interior, as well as 1,860 m2 of additional screen real estate around the bowl.

How the gap between the virtual and live fan experience is disappearing

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technologies that will bring the experience of TV and live sports audiences closer, to the benefit of both.


How Simon Barazin created a new ‘architectural language’ for a Tel Aviv coffee roaster

Tel Aviv – Dichroic film defines Café Barzilay’s space, updated to align with the development of a light rail transit system in its urban locale.


Post-pandemic urbanism: why it’s vital that we reclaim the sidewalk

Many urbanists hope that temporary solutions for widening sidewalks will translate into a permanent revival of street life.


Travel after mass tourism: what do landmarks for a new age look like?

In a world beset by environmental crises, context-sensitive hospitality concepts are educating travellers about our charring world.

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